Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Volume 2 of 'The Piano', well on its way.

Page 4, the first page of “The Piano, Volume 2 - The Dream”. This is a preview version of what the page will probably look like. I'm still busy with text and font elements. The book changes pace in volume two from full narration to first voice speech. The gothic (romanticism) undertones become a little more obvious in this one. After volume 2 is out, the complete graphic novel with an extra volume is being planned for release. There probably will not be any more previews after this, except for a few panels later on in the book. Just a reminder that the material on this blog is under copyright to me, Ciro Correia, and may not be used without permission. All Rights Reserved. The fonts are provided by Blambot, who offer wonderful resources to both independent and mainstream comic creators. Independent comic creators can purchase wonderful fonts or use 'just as wonderful' free fonts from Blambot. I will definitely be purchasing fonts from them in the future.

"The Piano, Volume 1" can be purchased from Amazon in both digital and print format here: BUY IT HERE