Saturday, 8 June 2013

Page 1, Panel 3: The Mermaid

Author, Illustrator, Graphic Novelist… adding feathers to my cap. ‘The Piano, volume 2’ is going to be fantastic. I’m really happy with how the story ends and can’t wait to have 1 and 2 in a complete book.
On another note my new novel is getting me really excited. I want people to read and love the world and characters I’m building. The story is very different to what people might expect. It was difficult to categorize ‘The Snickitysnatcher’ into a specific genre because it encompassed a few. ‘Piggie’ is going to be just as difficult to pin down. ‘The Snickitysnatcher’ is YA, it is kids lit, it is a paranormal and contemporary fantasy… it is all that. ‘Piggie’ is a fantasy, steam-punkish (and not), mythological, it is a coming of age drama, but probably above all it is simply a love story. How do I classify this? At the end of it all I just want people to read it and say they loved it. That is the most important classification of all. I love it and hope others will too.