Wednesday, 18 June 2014

New novel release: The Beginning and the End

My new novel is available on Kindle, and will be available in print by the end of July 2014. Here is the link to the digital format so long:

About 'The Beginning and the End':

Imagine waking up today to discover your life is only the most recent projection within an endless existence. Imagine that with this new insight comes breathtaking memories - jarring images, smells and sounds from a life you remember you had once lived. That everything you thought to be true, about who you were and what life was, is suddenly shattered into a million pieces. At the heart of this awakening, imagine, you remember the one and only true love you have ever had and a promise you once made to love her across time and space. 

This is Joseph Kauffman’s predicament. Joseph Kauffman remembers. The last five years of his life have been consumed by an obsession to track down the woman in his resurfaced memories. To find her and fulfill his promise to her. His sense of reality is completely shattered; but even though he has come to change his views on existence, he has no idea that what lies waiting for him in the next twenty-four hours will take him further than ever before into the borderlands of his understanding of reality. What Joseph is about to discover will force him to leave the city and go out into the desert searching for the only chance he has to stay with the one he once loved.