Friday, 8 March 2013

One of my favorite panels from THE PIANO

THE PIANO has personal significance to me from a few points of view. It is my debut work in this medium, and a long time coming. It represents a breakthrough on a personal level as I wrestled through my own issues, blocks, inadequacies and handicaps to a place where I have been able to create, regardless of the challenges presented to me by life. This is mirrored in the story, not intentionally as I never meant it to be autobiographical in anyway. I guess all of us struggle with our own demons, trying to overcome them as best we can. It's funny that when we see success we almost never see the struggle and sacrifice to get there, yet very few people don't have to deal with the realities of life when building a dream. The hardships one faces when building a dream is not the focus. For me it has been important to remember for who I am building. It is so easy to get lost within the desire to see a story complete or a novel written. It is easy to lose those you love within that overwhelming drive to create, but the ones I love are the ones who keep me sane and inspired. Balance has been the key to my moving forward, and my wonderful family has been my core. 

The creative process is so powerful and overwhelming, I can't switch it off. It is who I am. Truly, creativity is within and unstoppable.

Here is one of my favorite panels, the boy reaches out tentatively towards the mysterious piano. Not knowing what will happen next, whether it will come alive with the music he had just heard or whether it will stay cold and silent as he now sees it on stage. Art must be wooed like a jealous mistress. 

Page 6, Panel 3 - THE PIANO